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    East Tennessee Roofers

    Welcome to Douglas Roofing.

    As the foremost roofing service provider in East Tennessee, our team is renowned for professionalism and exceptional service. We have proudly served local homes and business owners with high-quality repairs and replacements for over 45 years. The cities we serve include:

    • Johnson City, TN
    • Kingsport, TN
    • Bristol, TN
    • Elizabethtown, TN
    • Erwin, TN
    • Gray, TN

    At Douglas Roofing, we understand that your home and business represent a significant emotional and financial investment. It’s why we work with you to ensure customized roofing services that fit your needs.

    Our roofing contractors give you a choice of various leading roofing systems. We install and maintain these quality roofs for a watertight and energy-efficient defense for years to come.

    Our Services

    No two roofing systems in East Tennessee are alike. Some roofing contractors offer a one-size-fits-all approach, but our experience shows that customizing our roofing services to your specific needs produces a superior result.

    Our most common services include:

    • Roof replacement and roof installation
    • Metal roofing
    • Roof repair
    • Roofing inspection

    Our experienced roofing contractor works to inspect, repair, and service your roofing systems, extending its lifespan. It includes using cost-effective roof repair to save you time and money.

    While most people prefer roof repair over replacement, we’ll let you know if the damage necessitates a new roof as a more sensible investment.

    A Tradition of Excellence in East Tennessee

    Our customers come first at Douglas Roofing, and the approach isn’t just a business strategy—it is a way of life.

    At Douglas Roofing, we believe in complete customer satisfaction, regardless of the project’s size or complexity. We strive to deliver high-quality services, whether you need a simple roof repair or a complete roof installation. Our commitment to excellence is why so many people in East Tennessee trust us with their roofing services.

    Commercial and residential roofing is daunting with all the jargon and logistical considerations from Johnson City to Johnson City, TN. Our roofers are professionals in the industry, though, making your roofing experience user-friendly and approachable.

    Here are some of the ways we make roofing services better:

    • We offer warranties up to 30 years.
    • We provide free estimates with all roof inspections.
    • We have Better Business Bureau accreditation with an A+ rating.
    • We promote safe practices and training to minimize injury and insurance costs.
    • Our roofing contractors are licensed, bonded, and insured.
    • Our roofing contractors have Certainteed and Atlas master certification.

    Residential Roofing

    Your home is where you spend most of your time and paycheck. Maximize your comfort and enjoyment at home with roofing systems that provide unparalleled protection.

    At Douglas Roofing, we offer comprehensive roof repair and replacement and free estimates, so there are no surprises when you receive the final bill.

    Our roofing contractors dedicate themselves to extending the life expectancy of your roof. We carefully diagnose existing and potential problems, implementing precise solutions to prevent any deterioration. It may include replacing dents in metal roofing with new panels, filling holes with caulk, or reapplying flash sealant.

    Commercial Roofing

    Customers make a value judgment about a business based on appearances. A new roof or routine roof repair can communicate volumes to prospective customers about your company’s mission and principles.

    Roof repair also helps protect your inventory from potential water damage and minimizes the chances for slip-and-fall injuries among customers and employees.

    Each service at Douglas Roofing comes with our industry-leading warranty on workmanship. We offer flexible term lengths and various structures so that your new roof achieves all the protection you need.

    Reach out to our experienced commercial contractors and see improvements in your roofing systems in as little as one day.

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    Your roof’s condition determines its longevity. Roofs in East Tennessee endure a year-round barrage of snow, rain, sleet, and UV light in one day that can easily chip away at the structural integrity.

    At Douglas Roofing, we provide in-depth roof inspections and free estimates for expert knowledge and a lasting impression in your home or business.

    After we provide you with a free estimate, our roofing contractors take the time to walk you through the results. The consultation includes helping you plan, budget, and execute any necessary roof repair or roof replacement.

    Each roof inspection comes with:

    A free estimate
    Extensive written assessments
    Roof replacement and repair options

    Contact our professionals to schedule your roof inspection and get a free estimate today. You can reach our customer service team at (423) 282-4829. All rights reserved.

    We look forward to assisting you.